Event Calendar

Event Calendar

This page contains a link to our Event Calendar document which lists all of the Society's coming engagements for this year.

It also contains links to upcoming events for members and their guests, with downloadable booking forms, and a list of this year's public holidays.

Further down are photos to show the various room set ups we've had in the past, from the many external hires we have provided the venue for, or social events we have held for our own members over the past year.

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Library Lunch - Friday 4th August 2017.

Charity Race Night - Thursday 31st August 2017.
Full details available here.

Library Lunch - Friday 1st September 2017.

Library Lunch - Friday 6th October 2017.

Library Lunch - Friday 3rd November 2017.

Christmas Library Lunch (1) - Friday 1st December 2017.

Christmas Library Lunch (2) - Friday 8th December 2017.





Library Lunches

Click here for the details of, and list of dates for, Library Lunches in 2017.




Public holidays

Click here for the list of Public Holidays for 2017


Pictures from previous external hires
Hot Tiki lighting

Pretty library
Girls having fun Visitors from China

Diamond Cooper drinks reception

Neal Murray's library wedding photo

Thorpe Molloy dinner with Hudsons caterers
Thorpe Molloy dinner with Hudsons caterers

CS Buchan album launch - stage is set
CS Buchan album launch - musicians playing

Accord's Christmas Dinner 2013 - room laid up
Accord's Christmas Dinner 2013 - during the meal
Accord's Christmas Dinner 2013 - after dinner relaxing

External hire - concert

Prohibition themed buffet
Meursault singer
Meursault set - Stevie Mule's photo
Scott Crawford's photo of prohibition party
Scott Crawford's photo of candle lit stairs

Shell dinner by Hudsons

Career Mentoring quiz trophy
Career Mentoring quiz

Buffet lunch in Committee Room

Rotary dinner in the library

Library ready for wedding ceremony
Val Morrison caterers preparing library for wedding meal
Myke Black sings for the first dance

Spanish networking event

Wedding tables laid up

Fifth Ring film

Wedding preparation
Wedding meal
The Bride

Adept4 seminar

Filming Stories Never Die
Students filming
Friday's Library Lunch

Prohibition themed birthday party

Street band

Lighting by Hutcheon Services

Afternoon Tea Party tables

April Library Lunch table

Wedding breakfast tables

Birthday party
First dance

JCI Aberdeen drinks reception

Drink! Aberdeen room set up

Tea/coffees in Reception areaBuffet lunch in the Committee Room 

New kitchen facilities in the Committee Room, installed by Sparks - October 2015
Kitchen facilities

Burns Night table

Mote of Dust gig

Hair by Saks

Teas and coffees 

    Pictures from previous social events

Lunchtime seminar - March 2016 
1st March seminar

Library Lunch, catering by Val Morrison - March 2016
March's Library Lunch

External hire for Compass Chambers seminar - March 2016
Compass seminar 
External hire for Scottish Contemporary Art Network - March 2016
Soup on arrival
Tanja Ostojić
Discussion group

External hire for BGF/FWB dinner, catering by Val Morrison - March 2016
Dinner by Val Morrison 
Lunchtime seminar, catering by Sandwich Larder - March 2016
Seminar on 17th March

External hire for Probus Group coffee morning - March 2016
Probus group coffees 
Networking for members - March 2016
Networking session

Lunchtime seminar - March 2016
Seminar cakes

External hire for Consensus group - March 2016
Consensus coffee morningConsensus meetingConsensus talk by Acumen

Library Lunch, catering by Val Morrison - April 2016
April Library Lunch 
Networking for members - April 2016
Tia comes networking 

Gin Tasting with Gin Club Scotland - April 2016 
Gin Tasting
Gin makes us happy!
Gin Club and Hendricks representatives
Happy gin drinkers 
Lunchtime seminar by This Little Piggy Marketing - April 2016 
Karen of This Little Piggy

SoA table at the CLAN charity lunch at the Marcliffe Hotel and Spa - April 2016 
CLAN charity lunch

Dinner at Revolution before seeing the Student Show at HMT - April 2016
Pre theatre dinner at Revolution 
Drinks Reception for the DPLP graduates from University of Aberdeen - April 2016
DPLP students
DPLP students celebrating finishing their course

External hire for Harper MacLeod seminar - April 2016
Harper MacLeod 

External hire for Sinkins Wedding - April 2016
Unplugged ceremony signRose petal lined aisle 
Bride arrives in vintage car
Book page confetti

Library Lunch, catering by Val Morrison May 2016
May's Library LunchJohn enjoys cake 

Drinks Reception for the DPLP graduates from Robert Gordon University - May 2016
Buffet for RGU studentsVal Bremner speaks to the students 
External hire for Hastie Stable seminar - May 2016
Registration desk

External hire: Fifth Dimension do two nights of their Unbelievable Magic Show - May 2016
5D Magic ShowMagician line up 
External hire for Best Girl Athlete / Viking Moses / Sam Goodwill concert (event page) - May 2016
Best Girl Athlete
Viking Moses
Steve Kearney's photo of Sam Goodwill
Our Librarian's son meets the American musicians

Lunchtime seminar with FG Burnett, catering by Sandwich Larder - May 2016
19th May seminar 
Tour, talk and screenprinting demonstration at Peacock Visual Arts - May 2016 
Talk in Brutalist Playground
Our President enjoys Brutalist Playground
Peacock studio talk
Screenprinting demonstration

External hire for Downton Abbey themed wedding - May 2016 
Personalised wine bottles
Our Librarian poses with a groom and the vintage carThe wedding partyThe happy couple 

Williamson Law Prize giving at University of Aberdeen - June 2016
2nd Prize winner
2nd prize winner
1st prize winner

Lunchtime seminar - June 2016
CPD lunch
Cruickshank Botanic Garden
talk and tour - June 2016 
Slideshow at Botanics
Talk under a tree
Far end of Botanic Gardens

External hire: Fifth Dimension do a further two nights of their Unbelievable Magic Show - June 2016
Fifth Dimension magic show
Jeff and Ivor woo the audience

External hire by Chill Out - June 2016
Breakfast coffees

Balfour and Manson host a charity night for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society - June 2016
Granite City Pipes and Drums
Ladies' Night
Charity event
Nail bar

Networking for members - June 2016
Newspapers in the library

Library Lunch, catering by Val Morrison - July 2016
July's Library Lunch

Annuitant's Lunch, catering by Val Morrison, flowers by XOXO Florists - July 2016
Table from aboverLibrary laid up for lunch

Library Lunch, catering by Val Morrion - August 2016
August's Library Lunch
Anderson wedding celebrations

Past President's Lunch, catering by Val Morrison - August 2016
Starters being served at Past President's LunchCoffee time at Past President's Lunch 
September Library Lunch, catering by Ann Little - September 2016 
Pre lunch drinks
Salmon main course

Level Training seminar - September 2016 
Level Training banner
Level Training seminar

Management Committee Meeting - September 2016
Management Committee lunch

SCARF rebrand launch event, catering by Val Morrison - September 2016
SCARF reception 
SCARF Presentation

President's Dinner, catering by Harry Fraser, flowers by xoxo Florists - September 2016 
President's Dinner seating plan
President's Dinner welcome drinks
President's Dinner
President's Dinner dessert

Doors Open Day - September 2016 
Doors Open Day - Society of Advocates Library
Doors Open Day - Society of Advocates Library
Doors Open Day - colouring in fun
Doors Open Day - dressing up fun

Trainee Lunch - catering by Val Morrison - September 2016
Trainee lunch, buffet by Val Morrison
Trainee Lunch

Tour for RGU Hospitality students, with Hudsons Catering - September 2016 
Michelle of Hudsons speaks to RGU students 

Lunchtime seminar by Anne Simpson of Loretto Training - September 2016 

Anne Simpson on Networking

External hire proposal Dinner - catering by Val Morrison, music by Oliver Richards, photography by Still Burning - September 2016 
Proposal Dinner, table and entertainment
Still Burning Photography's photo of Proposal Dinner

Seminar lunch - Val Deans - October 2016
Val Deans 
Seminar lunch - Law Society of Scotland - October 2016 
Law Society of Scotland seminar

Library Lunch - October 2016
Patrick and his birthday cake

External hire - Aberdeen City Council customer service conference - October 2016
The Actors 

Quiz Night - October 2016
Quiz 2016Quiz WinnersQuiz car winners 
Seminar lunch - Jim Johnstone of FG Burnett, catering by Social Bite - October 2016 
Jim Johnstone

External hire by Sound Festival - November 2016
Sound Festival 2016 

Annual Dinner at RNUC - November 2016 
Annual Dinner tables
Boots speaker
David Lessels - speaker
Annual Dinner attendees

External hire for Best Girl Athlete and Marian McLaughlin, photography by Still Burning Photography - November 2016 
Best Girl Athlete, by Still Burning Photography
Marian McLaughlin

Spectra - November 2016
Spectra tweet 

External hire for AHSS, catering by Val Morrison - November 2016
AHSS lunch and learn 2016

Annual General Meeting - November 2016
New member certificate presentation 
Wine tasting by Majestic - November 2016
Majestic wine tasting 
Christmas Library Lunch (1), catering by Val Morrison - 2nd December 2016 
Christmas Library Lunch table settings
Guests gather

External hire for SYLA - December 2016
SYLA seminar 
Christmas Library Lunch (2), catering by Val Morrison - December 2016 
Lunch table from balcony
SVP greets everyone
Turkey dinner

External hire for Nikki and Chris, catering by Val Morrison, music by Paul Black and Alba Bagpipes, bar by AC Event Bars, flowers by Red Berry Florist, official photographer Calum Riddell Photography - December 2016  
Wedding meal tables
AC Events bar
First dance to Paul Black vocals

President's Drinks Reception - December 2016
Christmas drinks 

Lunchtime Seminar with Iain Whyte of Big Man Talking - January 2017
Seminar with Iain Whyte

Scottish themed Library Lunch - catering by Val Morrison - January 2017
Welcome drinks before January Library LunchPresident welcomes everyone to Lunch
Library Lunch haggis main

External hire for Interesting Music Promotions concert of Fair Mothers and Rick Redbeard, photography by Craig Chisholm Music Photography - January 2017
Craig Chisholm's photo of Fair Mothers
Craig Chisholm's photo of Rick Redbeard 
Lunchtime seminar with William Cameron of Scott & Co, catering by Social Bite - January 2016
William Cameron seminar

February Library Lunch, catering by Val Morrison - February 2017
February Library LunchDessert in February 

Seminar lunch - Donna McKay of Brodies on Cohabitee's Rights on Separation - February 2017Donna McKay of Brodies

Seminar lunch - Ross McKenzie of Burness Paull on Data Protection - February 2017 

Ross McKenzie on Data Protection

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